The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

Spring 2007

Math 583 at University of Washington

Instructor: William Stein

Lecture Plan

Monday, March 26Introduction; the BSD rank conjecture
Wednesday, March 28The BSD rank conjecture
Friday, March 30BSD rank Conjecture and computability of E(Q)
Monday, April 2Computability of E(Q)
Wednesday, April 4Computing with L(E,s)
Friday, April 6Computing L(E,s), part 2
Monday, April 9The p-adic L-series, part 1
Wednesday, April 11The p-adic L-series, part 2
Friday, April 13The p-adic L-series, part 3
Monday, April 16Galois Cohomology of Elliptic Curves
Wednesday, April 18The Shafarevich-Tate Group
Friday, April 20The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjectural Formula
Monday, April 23The p-adic Regulator
Wednesday, April 25The p-adic analogue of the BSD Formula, part 1
Friday, April 27The p-adic analogue of the BSD Formula, part 2
Monday, April 30CM elliptic curves, part 1
Wednesday, May 2CM elliptic curves, part 2
Friday, May 4Heegner Points, part 1
Monday, May 7Heegner Points, part 2
Wednesday, May 9Heegner points, part 3
Friday, May 11Kolyvagin's Euler system, part 1
Monday, May 14Kolyvagin's Euler system, part 2
Wednesday, May 16Kolyvagin's Euler system, part 3
Friday, May 18Kolyvagin's Euler system, part 4
Monday, May 21Kolyvagin's Euler system, part 5
Wednesday, May 23Computational verification of BSD, part 1
Friday, May 25Computational verification of BSD, part 2
Monday, May 28no class -- Memorial Day
Wednesday, May 30Computational verification of BSD, part 3
Friday, June 1Computational verification of BSD, part 4

According to the UW academic calendar, Math 583 starts on Monday, March 26, 2007 and ends on Friday, June 1, 2007. There is exactly one holiday -- Memorial Day on May 28, 2007.