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Created on Sunday 21 April 2002 by William Stein

Table of Contents
  1. Charting the Land of Elliptic Curves
  2. Warning
  3. Computers in Mathematics
  4. What Is An Elliptic Curve?
  5. Conductor
  6. Conductor Pic
  7. Elliptic Curves Are So Interesting!
  8. The Graph Of An Elliptic Curve
  9. Adding Two Points Together
  10. Two More Graphs
  11. Tables of Elliptic Curves
  12. BSD
  13. What Is In These Tables?
  14. Content
  15. The Antwerp (Belgium) Tables
  16. A Page From Antwerp...
  17. John Cremona's Tables
  18. Brumer-McGuinness Tables
  19. The Stein-Watkins Database
  20. My Tables of Modular Abelian Varieties
  21. MFE 389
  22. MECCAH
  23. Inside
  24. Why openMOSIX?
  25. Mark Watkins observed in his tables of modular degrees (i.e., the degrees of pi) that the modular degree is odd if and only if u = 3 (mod 4). Matt Baker and I proved this and some higher-dimensional generalizations (it follows from results in Mazur's Eisenstein Ideal paper and work of Matt Emerton). Watkins has many other open conjectures like this, which were suggested to him by his tables.
  26. Thanks!