This is what Barry Mazur wrote while telling Amod and I about component groups of abelian subvarieties of $J_0(p)$.

Mazur notes (continued)

Mazur notes (continued)

I woke up to this bizarre creature in my room:

Bizarre concrete in the D.C. subway system, at the Friendship Heights stop:

Close up:

The D.C. subway!

On the lower right, you can see where the conference took place.

The Potomac river is iced over.

The Washington Monument is in the background.

Skating at the Dulles airport.

This is what my plane looked like.

Here I am, crammed into an airplane seat.

Washington is covered in snow.

... and whispy clouds.

More clouds:

Crisp 30000 foot air:

A sea of clouds:

Rocky mountains: