Thursday, January 20, 2000

Barry Mazur introducing Karl Rubin:

Rubin's lecture:

Karl Rubin is... The Joker! (Batman's nemesis)

Interesting table of rank records:

John H. Conway winning an award:

Barry Mazur winning an award for seminal contributions to research:

Saul Schliemer, Diane McLagen, Amod Agashe:

Some folks...

Amod, Diane, Saul, Jing (MIT grad student, Harmonic Analysis, finishing), Mark (MIT, combinatorics, Stanley), Ezra.

The closest I could get to a photo of Wungkum Fong:

Another picture of Jing and Wungkum through the drinking glass:

Mark is shining, and I've got half a Wungkum Fong: