Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Right now I am at the joint AMS/MAA meeting. The high points were a conversation with Rubin about Euler systems during the graduate student reception and Curt McMullen's talk. Right now I'm pretty tired and unfocused. Roger Penrose will speak in about forty five minutes.

This is Ezra's kitchen:

Joe Wetherell taking a picture of me:

Joe Wetherell:

A poor picture of me:

The ceiling of the Marriot, where I the conference is held:

Someone I don't know:

Young mathematicians in the networking center working hard to network for jobs:

Amazing geometric thingies for making bizarre bubbles:


The German bubble man!

Women taking digital pictures of octabubble:

The "Getting your second job" panel discussion. The famous Ed Aboufadel is on the far right:

Me - completely exhausted.

The Mathematical Science Research Institute reception.

Masses of people leaving Penrose's lecture:

Ezra and Arturo discussing a fine point:

David Moulton:

David Moulton being cool:

Ezra and his undergraduate adviser Thomas Banchoff.