Mumzie's Photo Album

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The Eurobros: Dennis, William and Francois Dennis, William and Francois eating lunch at the Black Sea Helen and Warren 'Hawk' Boughton, Helen playing fiddle while Hawk recites poetry at the 'Big Hole',  Montana Rendezvous, 1996, near Jackson, Montana
 Cando (Steve) and Tai and Ditto packing into Montana Rendezvous, 1996 The Maurer family and others on a Mexico Cruise, Dec. 1997 Drizzt the Boa Snake, William's friend

Mumzie Marlene and Dennis, 1995, at the real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Mumzie and Roxy X-Country Skiing Candoo and Ditto Dancing at the Montana Rendezvous, 1996