onHand PC

William Stein

Here's a directory that contains copies of the software I found.

Some Programs

  • It is possible to upload and download files between the onHand and a computer running Linux. I found a Ruputer program on a Japanese web site that does this, and I modified it slightly to create a program called "fton" that works like an ftp client; it allows you to upload and download files just like ftp. Source code for the first version of fton is available below. I've also included a staticly linked executable, fton-static, that should work on most PC's running linux.
    • fton-v0.1.tgz
    • fton-static
    • fton-v0.2.tgz (thanks to Chris Clark)
    • fton-0.3.tar.bz2, for Mac OS X, thanks to William Reading, who writes:
          Okay, it appears to work on Mac OS X now. 
          I've included a bzip2'd tarball with the 
          modifications and a binary. I'm not sure 
          whether or not the binary will work out
          of the box on other people's machines, but 
          It Works For Me (tm). The major difference
          is the way that the serial line is set up 
          on Mac OS X, though it took a while to 
          work that out. I also commented up a
          function or two.
    • fton-0.3.patch patch for FreeBSD:
        Date: 2005-10-28 12:46 am
      You may be interested in this patch.  I've added IEXTEN flag to make fton work
      under FreeBSD.
      Thank you.
      Huidae Cho

  • I wrote the program factor.exf, which factors integers on an onHand watch. The source code, which compiles with the onHand SDK, is contained in this directory.


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