Paul Gunnell's Course

MSRI 2006 Summer Graduate Workshop in Computational Number Theory

In this short course we will study techniques to perform explicit
computations the cohomology of arithmetic groups.  The focus is on
groups of Q-rank >= 1, with the chief example being finite
index subgroups of SL(n,Z), n >= 3.   The tools used generalize some
topics discussed by Stein in his lectures, and complement some topics
discussed by Dembele and Kohel.
Course Topics
1.  Basics about cohomology of arithmetic groups and its relationship
    with modular forms and automorphic forms.
2.  Topological tools to compute cohomology of arithmetic groups
    explicitly, and their relationship to modular symbols on SL(2,Z).
3.  Tools to compute the action of the Hecke operators on the
Suggested Reading 
Papers for which I'm a (co)author are available at my homepage:
A general reference (start here):
1.  P. E. Gunnells, _Computing in higher rank_, an appendix for the
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References about computing Hecke operators in various contexts:
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References about computing cohomology groups with Hecke action:
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References about relating cohomology to Galois representations:
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See our section in the Problems Book for lots of projects.