This book is based on notes the author created for a one-semester undergraduate course on Algebraic Number Theory, which the author taught at Harvard during Spring 2004 and Spring 2005. This book was mainly inspired by the [SD01, Ch. 1] and Cassels's article Global Fields in [Cas67]


Copyright: William Stein, 2005, 2007.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

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Acknowledgement: This book closely builds on Swinnerton-Dyer's book [SD01] and Cassels's article [Cas67]. Many of the students of Math 129 at Harvard during Spring 2004 and 2005 made helpful comments: Jennifer Balakrishnan, Peter Behrooz, Jonathan Bloom, David Escott Jayce Getz, Michael Hamburg, Deniz Kural, Danielle li, Andrew Ostergaard, Gregory Price, Grant Schoenebeck, Jennifer Sinnott, Stephen Walker, Daniel Weissman, and Inna Zakharevich in 2004; Mauro Braunstein, Steven Byrnes, William Fithian, Frank Kelly, Alison Miller, Nizameddin Ordulu, Corina Patrascu, Anatoly Preygel, Emily Riehl, Gary Sivek, Steven Sivek, Kaloyan Slavov, Gregory Valiant, and Yan Zhang in 2005. Also the course assistants Matt Bainbridge and Andrei Jorza made many helpful comments. The mathemtical software [S+11], [PAR], and [BCP97] were used in writing this book.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0400386.

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