The Modular Forms Database

Data about elliptic curves, abelian varieties, etc.

William A. Stein

The LMFDB [external link - more maintained and modern]
Talks about the database and potentially relevant lecture notes.

If you have any questions or comments, please send me email [email protected].

In order to make these tables, I make extensive use of Sage, MAGMA, C++, LiDIA, and PARI, and greatly appreciate the work of the designers of these packages. If you find these tables useful when writing a paper, please feel free to acknowledge them; however, I don't require this. If you are seriously going to use some of these computations in a paper, it might be nice to email me so I can double check their accuracy using my newest software.

Some computational resources used to make these tables:

  1. The sage.math cluster at University of Washington, purchased using National Science Foundation Grant No. DMS-0821725.
  2. Modular -- A dual opteron Sun Fire V20Z Server with 8GB RAM acquired using my NSF grant.
  3. Neron: A Sun Fire V480 Server with 22GB RAM acquired using a Sun Education Grant.
  4. Meccah: a cluster of 6 dual Athlons funded by W.R. Hearst III and Harvard.
  5. Chaucer: Mark Watkins's dual athlon at Penn State
  6. Modular: A dual pentium 933 that Barry Mazur purchased for me. This is the machine that the databases and web pages currently run on. Joe Harris also purchased two 120GB hard drives for modular.
  7. Kevin Buzzard's computer crackpipe, at Imperial College, UK.
  8. The Berkeley cluster of 3 dual celerons that Wayne Whitney built.
  9. The MAGMA group's Sun Enterprise E450 at University of Sydney.